Zoe Disher – Australian Author

Zoe Disher

Percy leaves the canopy

There is a hidden world that’s high above the city street
And folk up here are just as rushed as any that you’ll meet.
The branches of the leafy trees that line the avenue
Are like a road to countless hordes, unseen by me and you.
Here a band of green-ants march, all lined up end to end,
There a lonely spider lass is looking for a friend,
And in a nook all cosy where the branches form a ledge
Little Percy Pigeon teeters grimly on the edge.
His sister Prudence left the nest and now she swoops with grace
But Percy sits there woebegone, tears running down his face.
His parents coo encouragement they wait for him to go.
As I sit eating breakfast in a café, far below.
Success! I see him take the plunge, I sip my coffee dregs.
Straight down he falls and hits my plate-I guess it’s scrambled eggs.