Zoe Disher – Australian Author

Zoe Disher
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On motherhood, the early years

Once the baby’s in her cot
I will get the coffeepot

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Every night, before bed, Mum and Lily hugged. And every night Mum said, ‘I’ll squeeze the mischief out of you.’
Then one night she did.
Where did the mischief go?

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The artist’s model

In year ten, we had careers advice from kids’ parents. Once a week someone would come in and sit on a hard plastic chair at the front of the room and talk about stripping down truck engines or taking temperatures.

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A fine romance

They met in twilight seclusion.
He strong and sleek, she with light footfall and timid step.
His bold eyes watched her.

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Leaving home

I left home two weeks after I got my driver’s licence. Took to the road in the HX ute dad fixed up for me. It rattled and whistled the song of an old car on a dirt road.
I was heading for Sydney.

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The decision

My aunt Lorna asked my round to help make a decision. She said she could trust me. So I went, of course I went.
She made me tea, put cool jazz on the stereo, and disappeared into her room.

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Percy leaves the canopy

There is a hidden world that’s high above the city street
And folk up here are just as rushed as any that you’ll meet.

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